Engineering Print

 Our company offers tailor made turnkey solutions of hotel television systems, adapted to maximally serve the hotel runner and hotel guest. We build our solutions using state of the art technology and quality materials supplied from renown manufacturers. The projects are discussed and developed with our customers from the initial idea to their completition, including all the details. For the systems we install, we offer support and maintenance as well.

Our goal is to offer (to hotels and public buildings) a technologically advanced and quality made TV system they can use to elevate their service quality. We acheive this by a solution that can at the same time be as well cheaper in the long term. We build SMATV antena headends where a client has no need to pay any monthlly subscription fee to a TV operator and can in this way save a lot of money.

The extra bonus is that a hotel can offer to a foreign guest some satellite TV chanels in their own language. Local TV operators usually focus only on households and local TV channels.

Further on, a hotel can even add some promotional TV channels to advertise their own services. Theese channels can today be implemented even in a HD picture quality so the public digital signage monitors, located at the reception and coridors can offer their viewers an attractive picture to watch.