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    We present you the AVSN Atlantis solution, a product of the company AVSN. Atlantis is an interactive hotel TV sistem, used for hotel TV sets…

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The interactive TV system Atlantis is a proper product of the company AVSN d.o.o.

  • The system Atlantis 2.x is sutable for **** and better hotels. What it needs to work is a suitable IP-TV network, that enables a bi-directional communication between the TV sets and the central hotel interactivne TV system server.
  • The system Atlantis 1.x is a cut-down version of the solution, and it does not support the bi-directional communication, neighter it needs an IP network. The version 1.x is suitable for *** hotels, or as a compromise solution for older hotels, that do not have the suitable IP cabling.
  • TV programs can be delivered over a corectlly configured IP muticast network, or (especially suitable due the HDTV channels) over an even more relliable coaxsial RF TV network, or a hybrid optical RF network.
  • The TV channels signal can be supplied over a CATV/IPTV operator, or over a proper hotel TV headend with receiving a satellite signal from the dish and aerial antennas.

The choice for the TV signal is a matter of the investor, but it is however stronglly adviced, the investor to take in view both the economical calculation, as well as the planned guest structure. A bunch of satellite channels could be accesed free of charge without a monthlly subscription fee, the thing that takes to get them, is an investment into a proper hotel TV headend. Looking on a longer time scale this kind of investment significatelly reduces the cost of getting a TV signal, for a hotel. The satellites also offer a vaste choice of excotic foreign channels meanwhile the local TV operators usually orientate to what TV channels local population needs, not so much on tourists.   

  •  iTV system Atlantis uses newer hotel SmartTV platform, from Philips in LG hotel TV sets. Beside the TV set alone, there is no need for any other external device, such as a STB unit inside each individual hotel room. By this mean, both the estetical view, as well as the long-ther maintenance are maximally optimised.


2.1 BASIC FUNCTIONS (Atlantis 1.x, 2.x):

  • Personalization of graphics, hotel logo, icons, etc.., (considering the hotel's graphical corporate identity)
  • Different graphical UI templates (3 options are currentlly availlable)
  • General wellcome message, with a hotel logo
  • Multilingual hotel info portal (with personalized hotel and surrounding, etc.. information)
  • TV and radio channels with a faster choice options, by sorting upon theme and language
  • USB player for audio, video and picture files
  • Selection of AV inputs of TV set, to connect a guest's device (like camera, mp3, etc..), (We also offer special connection plates, from: http://www.teleadapt.co.uk)
  • Clock display on TV screen
  • Alarm clock
  • Teletext and subtitles
  • Locking of certain TV channels (f.x. erotic) with a PIN code
  • Manual choice of UI language, by selecting the language icon
  • Optional internal hotel TV channels (extra hardware is required)
  • Direct TV channel tune by number, for older guest


  • Remote update of TV channels and TV software
  • Backup mechanism, for a flawless TV set functionallity, even if server or network are temporarry down
  • Automatic control of active TV sets and email reporting of eventual drop-outs of certain TV sets in individual rooms (for preventive mainenance)
  • Info portal pages editor, that enables to change pictures and text (actual information and special offer)
  • Integration of comunication with hotel front desk - PMS
  • PMS admin interface, for manual entry or view of the guest data, etc.. (in case PMS  is not integrated)
  • Sending a presonal welcome message to an individual guest, or more guests
  • Automatic UI language choice, when booking in a guest at front desk
  • Sending personal or group messages
  • Setting the alarm clock from reception
  • View bill (optional)
  • Fast checkout (optional)
  • Weather forecast
  • Wirelless screen-sharing from the guest's device (SmartPhone, tablet, PC)
  • Integration of SmartTV aplications (email, FB, news, Youtube, etc..)
  • Optional integration of Movies application for video on demand services (a special contract with the movies service supplier is required)
  • WIFI acces by SmartTV set (suitable only for small hotels, under 20 rooms)

2.3 OPTIONAL EXTRA FUNCTIONS (only Atlantis 2.x):

NOTE: Optional functions cost is evaluated apart, on a special request from an andividual customer. Here all the specific pre-conditions and hotel requirements are being considered. For theese reasons the price is not included in a basic licence cost. Here's a sample list of such functions:

  • Room service and souvenir shop
  • Anquette survey
  • Integration with the Smart Room solution
  • Integration with the CRM system
  • Ordering taxi or other service
  • Bus, train and plane schedules
  • A hidden room-maid menu (clean/dirty, minibar status, etc..)
  • Reporting room device errors over the TV menue
  • Other special functions based on the individual hotel requirement, all up untill they are tehnically feesible and not morally or legally disputable.
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