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    We present you the AVSN Atlantis solution, a product of the company AVSN. Atlantis is an interactive hotel TV sistem, used for hotel TV sets…

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AVSN engineering Solutions Hospitality TV

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We are an authorised importer for the hotel TV sets of the worldwide renouned brand Philips. With numerous inovations and handy functions Philips has been a leader in the hotel TV developement for over 30 years.
A slightlly biger initial investment in specially designed hotel function TV set can spare a lot of long-term maintenance cost that could occur if a hotel uses ordinary home-use TV sets. A hotel can save a lot more money than the difference in initial investment cost is by using hotel dedicated type TV sets. We allso offer hotel TV models by LG electronics.

The funtions that separatte a hotel LCD TV from ordinary LCD TV are:

  • Locking up the set-up menu

A hotel guest cannot alter the channel list neighter erase or move the channels so the next hotel guest, comming latter into the same room, can find all of the TV channels sorted in the sequence pre-set by the hotel. This way, the new guest does not need to complain to reception, about being unabble to find his favourite TV channels, neighter does the hotel staff need to enter the guest's room to reprogramme the TV and additionally bother an allready upset guest by programming the TV.

  • Limiting the volume

A hotel can limit the TV volume for each individual room (in percentage of max. volume) so a guest cannot bother his neighbours by exsagurating with the volume. This way a hotel can avoid the complaints from the other guests.

  • Unified channel list for both analogue and digital TV channels

We are still in the switch-over times from analoque to digital TV signal. Most of TV channels and TV operators allready transmitt digitally but some of them continue to use analoque TV signal. In near future everybody should transmit only digital signal. Many of TV sets you can find on the market nowdays have both analogue and digital tuner for the coaxial RF signal but some of them make the user to press the A/D button on the remote control to switch between analogue and digital. This can be a bit clumsy, especially for a hotel guest. That is why Philips developed hotel TV sets with a unified list of TV channels.

  • Integrated LCD clock on front panell (Ultimate HD Series)

LCD TV sets have an integrated LCD clock so a hotel saves money by not buying an additional radio clock.

To acces detailed info about Hotel TV please click HERE

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