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    We present you the AVSN Atlantis solution, a product of the company AVSN. Atlantis is an interactive hotel TV sistem, used for hotel TV sets…

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Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Dear hotelier!

The desire of every hotel service provider is to provide the guest with the highest quality stay possible. You probably wish to be able to offer your guest all the comforts of his home environment and the best possible conditions for work or relaxation during their stay at the hotel. A satisfied guest will be happy to return to you and share the positive experience with friends, colleagues and business partners.

The indispensable device of every hotel room is definitely a TV set, which is no longer just a TV that shows only a few basic "linear" TV programs, but a device that is becoming a central entertainment and information center for many users, because a modern SmartTV with internet connection and wireless smartphone connectivity offers much, much more than what a classic TV offered.

That is why the coupound name "TV info-taiment" system has become established in the hotel industry, for the hotel TV system solutions. Hotel SmartTV can now offer your guest everything they have at home and more, and as a hotelier you have the opportunity to further promote hotel services and the services and additional "branding"of external partners , or to promote your own brand.

At AVSN d.o.o. We have been dealing with hotel television solutions for more than 20 years, and we are present in many prestigious Slovenian hotels and chains, and a 5 years ago we started developing our own solution based on many experiences. Our solution in many ways surpasses the solutions of competing providers.

We introduce you the hotel interactive Atlantis TV system and its features:



 1.) Basic functions of the interactive TV system Atlantis:
- personalization of the interface in accordance with the hotel graphic image (colors, icons, layout);
- connection to the reception (guest greeting by name, automatic language selection, personal messages, alarm clock, etc.);
- multilingual information about the hotel and its surroundings (permanent information, daily information, exposed notifications, central editor of daily information for the hotel marketing service, viewing statistics, etc.);
- remote control of TV sets (remote maintenance of the list of TV channels, monitoring);
- advanced interface for selection of TV and radio channels (sorting by topic and language, EPG
- electronic schedule, PIN code for erotic programs);
- USB player, physical connection of the guest device (camera, game console);
- option of room service and ordering other hotel services via TV screen (surveys, taxi, souvenir shop, housekeeping and menu for reporting defects in the room);
- option of integration with a smart hotel room (temperature management, curtains, lights);
- option of hotel SmartPhone application, connected to the TV system (TV management, hotel info, other)..

2.) Advanced SmartTV features:
- Miracast (wireless screen mirroring from Android phone or Windows PC);
- AirPlay (wireless screen mirroring from iOS device - iPhone);
- DLNA DirectShare / SmartShare (wirelessly send multimedia files from a guest device to a TV);
- SmartTV applications (Youtube, email, weather, news, browser, games, etc ..), where inserted passwords are automatically deleted for guest privacy;
- Airtime application - video on demand, video library adapted for hotel use;




3.) Chromecast - a revolution in TV viewing mode:

- Your guest can now bring their own content with them in the form of an app on their phone, from which they can now use the "Cast fuction" to shift the web video content from the small screen of the phone to the larger TV screen. Apps that support the “Cast” feature now serve only as a remote control on his phone, while a guest on the phone can do other things at the same time;
- The Chromecast feature does not overload the guest's phone as much as the screen mirroring feature does. Chromecast-enabled apps are available for both Android and iOS (Apple) smartphones;
- The Chromecast is now exclusively available as standard in the latest series of Philips hotel TVs, which means that it can (unlike some competing solutions that offer centralized, user-limited solutions) in the case of the Atlantis interactive system and Philips hotel SmartTVs clean every one of your guests, in just about every room benefits from this feature. In addition to the set of foreign and Slovenian TV applications shown below, the Chromecast device also supports the playback of images and videos from the phone's memory units, e.g. via the Google Photos SmartPhone app.




For further information or a more detailed presentation, please contact us !

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