• System AVSN Atlantis

    AVSN Atlantis

    We present you the AVSN Atlantis solution, a product of the company AVSN. Atlantis is an interactive hotel TV sistem, used for hotel TV sets…

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AVSN engineering Partners

AVSN d.o.o. among the winners of the prestigious awards SZS - Creators for centuries

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Fracarro: SMATV antenna RF and IP TV headends, and RF coax distribution components
tp vision
TP Vision (Philips): developement and manufacture of Philips branded hospitallity flat TV
Televes: Multinational enterprise, that manufactures and sales telecomunications equipement
LG Electronics: hospitality solutions flat TV, for in-room entertainment and digital signage
OMB: manufacturer of flat TV wall-brackets and other aditional TV equipement
Net Display
Net Display: Software provider for digital signage
AEI Communications
AEI communications: World's leading manufacturer of the hospitality telephones
AirTime: VOD streaming service provided exclusively to the hospitality sector
Unaohm: Italian producer of professional RF instruments

Cavi Europack: producer of high quality copper cables for telecommunications and data transmission
Teleadapt: hospitallity connectivity solutions for Internet, power and multimedia
Smart-E: professional Audio & Video distribution & switching equipment for Digital Signage
Kramer electronics: wide range of reliable audio, video and computer signal processing solutions
golden media
Cynextra (Golden Media): satellite, terrestrial, combo and IP STB manufacturer from Germany
DekTec: manufacturer of digital-video interface adapters and associated software
Inverto: manufacturer of Unicable satellite distribution equipment, multiconnect narrow LNB converters and SMATV systems
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