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    AVSN Atlantis

    We present you the AVSN Atlantis solution, a product of the company AVSN. AVSN Atlantis is an interactive hotel TV sistem, used for hotel TV…

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Wireless network in GH Donat PDF Stampa E-mail
Venerdì 23 Novembre 2012

GH Donat We have sucessfully finished the installation of a WIFI system in the Grand Hotel Donat.

The wireless network comunicates with the existing interactive TV system, that we integrated in the year 2010. These systems are interfaced between themselves. The goal of the systems interfacing is a maximal comfort for the hotel guests, as well as for the hotel staff. The solution works allmost automatically.

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New Philips hotel TV series PDF Stampa E-mail
Giovedì 18 Ottobre 2012

Hotel TV 32HFL4007DThe Philips have developed a new model of a hotel LCD TV set, that offers a huge set of advanced hospitallity - hotel TV functions.

With this energy efficient Hotel LCD TV, you will enjoy all the benefits of interactive television and premium hotel features. Simply link our TV to the system of your choice for the best viewing experienceand cost efficient solution.

Advanced hotel features and future proof

  • Brilliant LED images with incredible contrast
  • Integrated IPTV system for optimal customized interactivity
  • MyChoice compatibility for recurring revenues
  • SmartInstall for easy remote installation and maintenance
  • VSecure for content protection over IP and RF
  • Serial Xpress Protocol for interactive systems

Differentiating guest experience

  • Smart TV apps with many dedicated services for hospitality
  • Secure SimplyShare ready - for streaming content to the TV
  • SmartInfo for a branded, interactive experience even offline
  • Integrated clock display with wake up and message alarm

Sustainable and safe

  • Low power consumption
  • Eco-friendly design & flame retardant housing
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The finished DSO Grosuplje project PDF Stampa E-mail
Martedì 28 Agosto 2012

We have finished the job in the retirement home in Grosuplje. At this time, in the building, we have integrated the SMATV digital antenna system. We have built coaxial distribution network to the TVs in the rooms and the coomon places as well.

We have also provided electrical outlet near the TVs.

There we have made the ethernet network and the wireless network as well.

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Realizzazione fortunata del progetto comune PDF Stampa E-mail
Mercoledì 25 Aprile 2012

Sejem In collaborazione con l’azienda Smarteh di Tolmino (Tolmin) abbiamo realizzato il progetto d’integrazione del sistema interattivo nStrems con il sistema della camera intelligente. L’integrazione dei due sistemi consente un’ulteriore funzionalità offrendo agli ospiti un confortevole accesso alle informazioni utili sulle condizioni nella camera e la possibilità di comandare alcuni parametri usando il telecomando.

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